pict services

With the fast-paced technological era, PICT has also taken amendments to further improvise their services electronically. PICT port is serving its customers with some necessary E-services that includes international cargo terminal container tracking, online billing, SMS enquiry and international container terminal vessel scheduling in Karachi.


Along with the improvisation of online tracking, PICT has also integrated online billing software into their organization. This has created an ease in the global ocean network for better opportunities of Pakistan’s trade. For the sake of the growing economy of Pakistan, industries need to adopt the technological changes frequently and stay firm on them. PICT billing has also been executed in the company and the customers as well as the clients are taking benefits from it. PICT facilitates its customers with the e-service of PICT invoice using the BL, CRN and shipping bill no. of their shipment. Advance billing can also be carried out using this service. The success of the company is because of the convenience we offer to our clients. Now you can be tension-free about your sapt invoice calculation it can be done from anywhere around the world online.


At PICT, along with various technological advancements online container tracking has also been introduced. Now its not like the early ages, we can swift quickly, communicate easily, and yet increase efficiency in our services with the use of sea cargo tracking. PICT allows its customers to track their containers online without any struggle using the BL, CRN and shipping bill no. of their shipment. We provide vessel tracking Pakistan service for the ease of access of our customers. Everyday a number of containers are loaded and unloaded at PICT, how would you recognize a container? Offcourse by track container number. Moving from coast to coast, we ensure the safe and secure transportation of your stuff. Our container handling equipments are a new way to increase productivity and competency. PICT has now innovated its way of handling containers, not only that but PICT container tracking as well.


PICT offers their customers an organized service for their ease which is vessel scheduling. Now you can use PICT vessel schedule E-service for the comfort of your container handling. PICT provides vessel scheduling e-service to its customer which is one of the major processes for planning the arrival and departure of vessels in the terminals using proforma, long term schedule and coastal schedules. You can now stay relaxed because of mol schedule, it is going to have all the information about the vessel. Karachi port vessel schedule has served many customers with the ease to easily extract relevant information they want. Moreover, if you want to have accurate and up to date information about a particular vessel, contact individual ocean carrier. On the contrary, PICT vessel tracking would help a lot in this matter.


Pakistan container terminal facilitates its customers with free SMS base Tracking, Invoicing and container Activity Subscription.