pict equipment

PICT port being the subsidiary of ICTSI, has achieved greater success on corporate level. The reason behind their success is their capability to constantly adopt new trends and up to the mark technologies within their organization to help smooth workflows. PICT is also one of the 25 leading companies having a high rate of success in Pakistan.


PICT is esteemed to be counted in the top 25 leading companies with higher rates of success in Pakistan. The company is known for its adaptability and flexibility in their services via a number of technological solutions. The success of KPT Karachi could be measured through the wide number of modern equipments used for container handling. The community we live in and form our customer base gives our strategic plans the power to heighten the growth of PICT. We put through the company on the front line by facilitating our customers with swift moving, convenience and trust in our services. Our company is currently operating 6 STS (Ship to Shore Crane), 20 RTG (Rubber Tyre Gantry), 11 RS (Reach Stacker), 35 PM (Prime Mover), 16 FL (Fork Lift) and 3 MTY (Empty Handler).

Ship to shore (STS)


STS crane is a dockside gantry equipped to handle safe working load of 45 MTs (single) / 55 MTs (under hook) and has an outreach of 46 mtrs (Post Panamax) and 54 mtrs (Super Post Panamax). These cranes are used to load and unload containers inside the port. PICT port is consisting of 2 post panamax and 4 super post panamax that are having the capability to transport 20-foot containers at a time. The STS cranes elevate containers from the ships to the trailer which is to be taken to the storage yard.


One of PICT port’s upgraded equipment includes rubber tyred gantry for the sake of intermodal operations. The rubber tyred gantry is mainly used to stack containers while we also reach stackers. They are used to shift containers at a shorter distance or to pile them up. Empty container handlers are just another type of Reach Stackers that are used at the terminal only for handling empty containers quickly and efficiently.


Fork lift can be considered as the finest equipment in terms of container handling. This is because fork lift gives user the facility to adjust the fork e.g. lower or raise it as per the requirement. It is compared to have less storage capacity and stacking but still its usage is commendable. Furthermore, the operator can tilt the mast to compensate for a load's tendency to angle the blades toward the ground and risk slipping off the forks. Tilt also provides a limited ability to operate on non-level ground.


Prime movers are the heaviest and large-sized equipment among all yet the most useful one. They are large conveyers for hauling a towed or tailored load. For the loads that are not to be taken to the roads or can’t travel without an escort, we have PM’s for them. A heavy haulage road or off-road vehicle designed to pull or push heavy or exceptionally large loads using a drawbar.